My name is Alyssa Marie. I am a freelance copywriter and content writer from central Connecticut. Over the past 15 years I’ve worked at a multitude of jobs; digital marketing, food service, retail, internet sales, cosmetics, esthetics, television production, and 10 very long years in the healthcare industry.

Through it all, writing has been my passion and my one true love. From the moment I first learned to read – a memory that is fondly and forever ingrained in my brain – I have loved the written word more than anything else.

I love what the written word has given this world. The way it opens doors to other dimensions and new worlds; the way it educates and informs; the way it intrigues and astounds and delights and creates escape; the way it’s always there for you at the end of the day. The way it never lets you down and the way that it stands up as the very best that humanity can achieve. I believe it is humankind’s greatest accomplishment. That’s why I have chosen it as my life’s work.

I have been copywriting and content writing professionally for well over a year in my current day job in digital marketing. I am well-versed in search engine optimization as well as a wide range of other digital sales tactics. Day in and day out, I build marketing campaigns from the ground up. I hope you’ll allow me to help make yours great.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading or working on other creative endeavors. I live with my partner Tom and our beautiful kitties, Luna and Moki. We are proudly childfree and I hope to volunteer my time in kitten rescue someday.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree, SNHU: Communications & New Media

Associate Degree, MxCC: Broadcast Journalism & Cinema

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